Missoni and Lindex for the breast cancer research

The World famous Italian fashion house Missoni has teamed up with the European fashion chain Lindex to support Breast Cancer Research. The special collaboration has resulted in a unique capsule collection consisting of women’s-wear, lingerie, accessories and children’s wear. 10% of the sales price goes to the fight against breast cancer. The collection will be released on the 25th of September and will be sold in all Lindex stores in the Nordic countries, Central Europe, Middle East and at www.lindex.com

The unique collection consist of 70 fashion items,  and takes on a modern and fresh feeling with Missoni’s characteristic patterns and design permeating every piece.

The Italian fashion house and luxury brand Missoni is world famous for its distinctive designs and colourful patterns and has achieved iconic status around the world through its unique Missoni pattern. The company, founded in 1953, has been led by generations of women from the Missoni family and, like Lindex, celebrates women.

“By cooperating with Missoni, our goal was to provide our customers with access to one of the World´s most important brands. Missoni is admired not only for its unique, beautiful designs with their characteristic patterns, but also for feminine elegance that Missoni always succeeds in delivering” says Lea Rytz Goldman, Director Design and Purchase at Lindex.

“The collaboration with Lindex has given us a unique opportunity to bring affordable design to every woman, and at the same time to give something back, through creating Worldwide awareness for breast cancer. We are impressed by Lindex’s long –term commitment to breast cancer research, which the company has supported for many years. Missoni has been aware of this, for women a so important question, and believe that this is the ideal occasion to support their cause. The humanitarian aspect drove us to this project. I believe that all individuals and organizations deserve recognition for the dedication and effort they input into the fight against breast cancer” says Angela Missoni.

Besides design and fashion, Lindex and Missoni share a synergy in wanting to give something back to society. This collaboration offers something for every woman, giving back 10% of the sales price to the breast cancer research, which Lindex has supported for the last 10 years.

“For the tenth year in a row, we and our customers provided substantial support to important breast cancer research and we are all very proud of that. Lindex is naturally committed to women because many of our employees and customers are women. Through our cooperation with Missioni, we are combining the best of two worlds and in this way we get even greater impact for our efforts” says Lea Rytz Goldman, Director Design & Purchase at Lindex.

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