Record-breaking collection to the Pink Ribbon – own designed bracelet sold out in just a few days!

During October Lindex managed together with its customers to collect more than 4.3 million SEK to the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign. It is a record result for Lindex.

– I would like to thank all Lindex employees and customers who through their fantastic commitment for the Pink Ribbon campaign have helped us to achieve a record result in collected money. We have sold more Pink Ribbons than ever before and our own-designed Pink Bracelet has also contributed to the successful collection, says Göran Bille, CEO Lindex.

Lindex is for the ninth year in a row one of the proud main sponsors to the Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Campaign. The collection was made by the sales of the Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon in all Lindex stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltics. Lindex own designed Pink Bracelet was sold in Sweden, Norway and Finland and also at Lindex online shop. In total, the fashion chain and its customers on all markets gathered 8.3 million SEK.

Lindex own designed Pink Bracelet, designed by the fashion chain’s Design department, was a huge success!

– Our own designed Pink Bracelet sold out in just a few days! It’s a proof of that our customers like what we do and that there is a huge interest in engaging in this matter. It feels really good that we can spread awareness about the disease and collect even more money to the cancer research, says Lea Rytz Goldman, Design & Buying Director.

The collected money goes to the continuous work of fighting breast cancer, both through research and by spreading awareness and knowledge about the disease. Furthermore, a portion of the funds go to the National Breast Cancer Association, BRO, which offers support to the afflicted and to their relatives.

For further information, please contact:

Kaisa Lyckdal, Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Tel: 031-739 50 60
Mobil: 0702-52 98 43

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