Pants on the way up this spring

One of the key garments this spring is definitely pants, and there is an almost indefinite selection of different models to choose from. There are numerous different pants on display in Lindex’s fashion collections this spring: chinos, five pocket jeans, pants inspired by men’s wear such as chinos and slacks, with or without turn-ups, as well as tight cargo pants, just to name a few.

The silhouette is often still figure-hugging, skinny, which also is the case in jeans and jeggings, the new cargo pants, and the tight chino pants. New for the season is the “pegshaped” design, pants with a silhouette like a golf peg, very wide at the top and very narrow at the bottom. The 70s inspire through cool models with very wide bottoms and a more figure-hugging silhouette by the hips.

The design team behind the new pants this spring prefer using belts with the pants, a narrow belt if possible, and showing off waists by tucking in the top or shirt inside the waist band. They prefer using high heels with the pants and will for sure be rolling up some of the pants legs.

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