The new simplicity

A distinct inspiration of classic masculine garments can be noticed in this spring’s Lindex fashion collections. The style is classically simple and the look is updated with sensible styling, while feminine accessories give it a feminine touch.

Examples of garments which are moving from the men’s closet to yours are:

  • The classic men’s shirt – this spring, we are buttoning up a few extra buttons in order to give the shirt an urbane feminine accent.
  • Chinos, a long time easy favourite for many men – match this spring’s chinos with something feminine and romantic in order to update the look.
  • Trousers with pleats, with our without double front pleats, worn with a pair of high-heeled shoes.
  • This spring, the trench coat is casually matched with a pair of worn jeans and carefully selected accessories in vivid colours.

For more images of Carmen Kass in Lindex spring fashion please visit www.lindex.com/co/fashion/fashion-images

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