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A new feeling of nostalgic romanticism and inspiration taken from vintage lingerie with a retro look can be seen in this springs new Slip Shop, a collection of pretty slips at Lindex.

We see soft contrasts in the choice of material, matt qualities like chiffon combined with softly shimmering satins, all designed to intensify the retro-romantic look.

This springs fashion focuses on lingerie in a completely new way so that the boundary between ready-to-wear clothes and underwear has been further blurred. The new layer-on-layer styling effects completely or partly reveals the lingerie.

The idea behind Slip Shop is for these items to be used as lingerie, but also as a dress under a short jacket or
a tank top to complement a pair of leggings or skinny jeans says Linda Eliasson, designer at Lindex.

You can find more photos of this springs pretty slips on: / Press / Fashion Images

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