Lingerie on top in spring

One of this spring’s most exciting fashion phenomena is to use lingerie for example corsets and bustieres placed over the regular clothes. This highlights the bust and at the same time creates a narrower silhouette.

Lingerie comes into fashion focus even when they are worn completely visibly in combination with other garments, for example bustieres under the short jacket or blouse.

Among the new spring fashions in Lindex lingerie we also see various kinds of bra models, bustieres and corsets as well as different variety of panties with a high waist with or without support functions as well as various varieties of suspender belts.

Romantic and Retro-inspired
Lace, satin, chiffon and details such as bows, cloth folds and lots of small, pretty frills stand out in this spring’s exquisitely feminine lingerie. In addition to everything romantic, we also see a retro-feeling in parts of the collection which bring back memories of the ’50’s. Roses, which make up the most important theme among the patterns, reinforce the feeling of femininity.

On the colour chart there are various skin tones, sometimes with elements of peach as well as light, soft pastels such as mint green, ice blue, pink and off-white. As well, aqua tones from Mediterranean blue to turquoise and denim blue are important in this spring’s fashion.

You can find more pictures of this spring’s new lingerie at Press / Fashion Images

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