Lindex Makes Record-breaking Collection for Breast Cancer Research

Designer fashions for the fight again cancer were a success. The collection for the Pink Ribbon campaign during the month of October hit an all-time high for Lindex. This year, the fashion chain and its customers are donating 7.2 million SEK to the Swedish Cancer Society and other cancer organisations located on Lindex’s other markets. Lindex decided to work together with designer Narciso Rodriguez who made the exclusive Pink Collection in order further to generate support and to increase the amount of funds collected.

Lindex is one of the main sponsors for the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Campaign. More than 400 Lindex stores took part in the fundraiser and gathered a total of 7.2 million SEK. The largest amount was collected in Sweden; Swedes contributed 3.8 million SEK which is almost 20 percent more than in the previous year. This year, Lindex decided to launch a unique design collection together with American designer, Narciso Rodriguez. 10 percent of the sales price went undiminished to the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Campaign.

– Narciso Rodriguez’ Pink Collection was very well received by our customers. We managed to raise more money than ever before through giving our customers the opportunity to buy a design collection with well made, feminine garments while simultaneously contributing to breast cancer research. We feel very good about being able to develop new ideas for our fundraising efforts, and as a result, together with our customers, we can contribute even more money to help in facing this important issue, says Anna Lindblad, Press Relations Manager at Lindex.

In addition to the Pink Collection with Narciso Rodriguez, Lindex has also sold pink ribbons and has arranged a Breast Health Day on which 10 percent of all proceeds from undergarments sales were donated to the Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Campaign. Lindex was one of the three largest contributors which helped the Swedish Cancer Society to meet its fundraising target.

– I would like to thank Lindex and all our sponsors who through their great enthusiasm for the Pink Ribbon campaign have helped us to spread awareness and to raise more money for continued cancer research. We are very happy with the results this year which raised nearly 50 million SEK, says Ulrika Svensson, Project Manager, Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon Campaign.

All money raised goes to the Swedish Cancer Society for breast cancer research. Furthermore, a portion of the funds go to the National Breast Cancer Association, BRO, which offers support to the afflicted and to their relatives.

For more information, contact:

Anna Lindblad, Press Relations Manager Tel: 031-739 50 60, Mobile: 0706-739 029, E-mail: anna.lindblad@lindex.com

The Lindex business concept is to offer inspiring and affordable fashions. The selection encompasses several different concepts within ladies undergarments, accessories, children s clothing and cosmetics. With roughly 400 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic states Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and the Middle East, Lindex is one of the leading fashion chains in northern Europe. Lindex is a part of the Finnish-listed Stockmann conglomerate. More information can be found at www.lindex.com.

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