Leggings in recycled polyamid

In March, Lindex is launching a new series of environmentally friendly leggings in 40 denier. They are manufactured from 90 percent recycled polyamide and 10 percent elastane.

Thanks to a new production method, the yarn supplier uses the waste from the regular production of polyamide yarn. This is then reused in a special process that consumes less energy than standard manufacturing. As the new production process uses material which would otherwise have been thrown away, it reduces the impact on the environment while at the same time saving resources.

The properties of the polyamide fibres are retained in the recycled yarn, and the finished product, the leggings, are just as fine and durable as a ”normal” pair. This spring’s environmentally friendly leggings are available in a range of fashion colours: coral, lilac, cerise, turquoise and khaki green as well as black.

Contact information:
Tel: +46 31-739 50 40/+46 31-739 53 39

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