Denim forever

Jeans have been among the favourites in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious woman for a long time. This basic item has always been an obvious choice and has been around from one season to the next, but this spring jeans are hotter than ever. The season’s denim wardrobe has been extended by lots of other items, everything from skirts, tunics and dresses to shorts and leggings.

“Apart a number of new models, we are also seeing new types of denim finishes and washes in this spring’s jeans collections. The most important feature seems to be a pale, washed-out or distressed look on jeans”, says Nina Söderström, designer at Lindex.

Among the season’s jeans models, outstanding themes are a really slender leg silhouette in jeans leggings (jeggings) and various drainpipe models, a normal width or a somewhat roomier ”boyfriend” fit. Patches and mended or distressed details and effect seams, taking their inspiration from biker pants as well as various types of washed-out effects, create a new feeling in the jeans collections for this spring.

More photos of this spring’s jeans fashions can be found on www.lindex.com / press / newsletter – fashion

Read more about jeans and denim in the appended article by Susanna Strömquist. Freelance journalist Susanna Strömquist writes about fashion and trends for magazines such as Swedish Elle and Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest-selling daily newspaper)

Much-loved denim

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