Back to School

School kids head for the new autumn term wearing cool clothes that are inspired by the spirit of English punk. The list of favourite girl fashions this autumn is topped by leggings in shiny fabrics or wax-coated jeans. The most important silhouette for girls is the round, cocoon shape, which matches with a narrow leg silhouette. For boys, the new “peg shape” on trousers is a must, a somewhat looser silhouette around the waist and hips, with legs that narrow off just like a golf peg. Boys like to match their new jeans with a hooded sweater or a checked shirt.

”Denim is always a favourite, whatever the season. Dark washes and black denim are fashion musts this autumn. When it comes to patterns, there are a lot of stripes and checks for both older and younger children,” says Cissi Andersch, design manager in the children’s wear department at Lindex.

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