Sports wear for the beginning of school

This autumn Lindex will introduce two new collections suited for sports activities for school children. NHL

For every boy who is interested in ice hockey, this autumn’s hot new favourite is sport clothes with NHL emblems. The collection will be in time for the tour premiere with a number of premiere matches that are played in Europe. Besides the shorts and t-shirts, which are designed especially with sports activities in mind, hooded jackets and trousers made of comfy sweat suit material are also included in this autumns NHL collection.


The girls sport collection has been inspired by the movie Fame. Girls interested in dance in musicals are eagerly awaiting September and the premiere of Fame, which is a remake of the classical movie from the 80s.

The Fame collection at Lindex includes leggings, dance trousers, tops, tunics and sweatshirts as well as accessories such as leg warmers and fingerless gloves.

Both the NHL and Fame collection come in sizes: 128-170

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