Norrow legs in this autumn´s fashion

Trousers are making powerful headway in fashion. There is a lot of focus on legs this autumn and a narrow leg silhouette is what is most often found. Narrow trousers are definitely the most attractive match for all of this autumn’s tunics and short dresses, but they also go well with a top or a jacket.

When it comes to trousers in the broadest generality, jeans in particular have long been a number-one favourite garment in the trouser wardrobe of the fashion conscious. Dark blue denim never goes out of fashion; this autumn the dark jeans are being updated with threadbare details. The new jeans are worn with printed T-shirts and a short jacket or a leather jacket for a cosy, rock look.

The narrow, drain-pipe jeans are combined with “jeggings”, a garment that almost looks like leggings but are really tight jeans made of stretch denim. Jeggings are available both with a band and zip for a more tailored feel, and a simpler variant with only an elastic waist.

Narrow legs in this autumn’s fashion are also accentuated by a large selection of leggings, everything from tricot tights with details such as studs and zips to festive sequin-spangled, copper-glimmering or animal-patterned leggings – where the pattern is formed by the contrast between dull and shiny areas.

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