Affordable Luxury by Ewa Larsson

In the beginning of November, Lindex will be introducing an exclusive evening collection at 54 selected stores. The collection consists of 15 well constructed garments in black and in an elegant light beige tone.

The garment breathes of international design and the focus is on quality, shape and well thought out details. The collection is the creating of designer Ewa Larsson with the inspiration of, among others, Charlotte Rampling as the sophisticated, refined woman.

“I wanted to create a sensual, elegant and at the same time a modern feminine collection. What resulted was a limited collection mostly for evening use, but many of the garments also work well during the day”, says Ewa Larsson.

The garment is conceptually developed with thoughtfulness and playfulness. Here, the elegant 1950’s meet with today’s modern technical possibilities in materials and details. Volume, folds, draping and well thought out solutions permeate the collection such as innovative materials selection for the best in function, fit and feeling.

Ewa Larsson is an incredibly skilled and experienced designer. For many years, she was based in Paris where she worked with clients such as Plain Sud, Tara Jarmonm, Joop, H&M and Acne.

Kicki Olivensjö, purchasing director at Lindex, emphasises: “We chose Ewa Larsson because of her unique artistic idiom and genuine experience within the entire design and production cycle. She places great importance on detail and workmanship and constantly works to push the limits with regard to material, shape and cut. ”

Affordable Luxury – the name given to Ewa Larsson’s evening collection – is just what it is: a high degree of fashion and extraordinary quality at a price level somewhat above the rest of the Lindex assortment.

Contact information:
Tel: +46 31-739 50 40/+46 31-739 53 39

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