Lindex Corporate Social Responsibility Work 2005/2006

A word from the CEO

Caring for the world around us produces many positive effects such as better quality clothes, satisfied customers and employees, better profitability and fewer environmental hazards. That’s why systematic sustainability work is part of the company’s strategy. The work is part of our business and contributes to Lindex’ financial development.

The sustainability work is a well-integrated part of our day-to-day business since it is in this area that we achieve the greatest synergy effect. In 2006, we continued our work of expanding our inspections of suppliers, conducting more BSCI inspections than ever before. We must continue to focus on providing our suppliers with training and information in future to achieve even wider recognition of the importance of good working conditions.

For us, just as it is for our customers, it is really important to know that the manufacturers of our goods are working in good working conditions. We can ensure this by basing our long-term work on continuous improvements and audits.

To reduce our spending as well as our effect on the environment, we are now placing stricter requirements on our work of optimising the use of resources in all areas of the company. Some of the things we are looking at in particular is monitoring our electricity consumption in all our stores and taking a closer look at our shipments and business trips. We also always looking out for new production methods as a way of minimising our impact on the environment. In this way, we strongly hope to be able to reduce our impact on the environment in the future.

Our passion for fashion combined with our commitment to sustainability issues has convinced me that we can meet the challenges the sustainability work has thrown our way, and continue our development into an even more sustainable company.

Göran Bille, President and CEO

Background and organisation

For a number of years now, Lindex has been focusing on sustainable development, known more formerly as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For Lindex, CSR embodies working environment work, environmental issues, ethical issues and our attitude to human rights. Lindex wishes to be a socially responsible company and views this not just as a duty but also something very much in keeping with the company’s business concept.

Working with CSR-related issues is perceived by the majority of the countries in which Lindex has retail operations as something companies are naturally responsible for. The clothing industry has been working with these issues for some time now and, today, is probably one of the industries that has come furthest in its long-term work. Since Lindex introduced its ban on child labour in 1993, a lot has happened and many improvements have been made. The CSR work is now far more integrated in Lindex’ activities and a part of the day-to-day work.

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