Continuing increased profitability and an improved annual result for Lindex

Today, Lindex presents its result and sales for 2019 as well as the fourth quarter. The fashion company continues its positive development and has increased its profitability in all markets and sales channels and for all business areas. 

Lindex's operating result for 2019 amounted to 340 MSEK (298 MSEK 2018). The adjusted operating profit for 2019 amounted to 369 MSEK (312 MSEK 2018). A significantly strengthened margin and strong digital growth, as well as good cost control, have all contributed to the strong growth in earnings.

“We are very satisfied with our strong development in 2019, which ended with a nice increase in sales. Over the past two years we have close to tripled our result, which reflects Lindex's strong growth. Our strategic investments and the dedication of all employees have been central to our successful development”, says CEO Susanne Ehnbåge.

Lindex increased its total sales in SEK in 2019 by 0.8 percent, while comparable sales increased by 1.2 percent in local currencies. Total sales in the fourth quarter increased by 0.3 percent in SEK, while comparable sales increased by 0.9 percent in local currencies. The fashion company continued its online growth with an increase in annual sales of 24.3 and 16 percent for the fourth quarter, while average purchase, as well as visitors and customers, increased.

Lindex faces an exciting time ahead and has great ambitions to continue to grow globally, both within its own channels and in collaboration with partners.

“We are facing a very interesting and eventful 2020. We are constantly developing our offer and have just launched our new interior collection Lindex Baby Home. We are optimising our offer based on our customers' insights and needs, and we will continue to see increased clarity in our fashion concepts. We are focused on developing and strengthening our store network further as well as our digital growth, and our collaboration with Zalando and the online launch in China are important milestones in Lindex's global expansion”, says Susanne Ehnbåge.

For more information, please contact:

Kristina Hermansson
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 70

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