Lindex launches Your Smart Wardrobe

Lindex launches the concept Your Smart Wardrobe. With this long-term concept, the fashion brand wants to guide its customers to more mindful shopping and inspire them to build a more sustainable wardrobe where all the pieces are used.

“Many people only use a small part of their wardrobe, which is not sustainable. As a major player in the fashion industry, we want to take our responsibility and do what we can to have a positive impact. We want everyone to have a wardrobe with clothes that they really love, take good care of and use often. With Your Smart Wardrobe, we want to make it easy for customers to find their own personal style and to build a smart wardrobe. Because when you find your style, it is easier to build a well-functioning and useful wardrobe.” says Pia Ekholm, Design and Buying Manager Women’s Wear at Lindex.

Your Smart Wardrobe focus on three steps – find your styles, find your colors and add your extra special favorites. With styling suggestions, inspiration to different combinations and other fashionable tips, Lindex wants to inspire its customers and encourage them to find their own style. This concept has been developed to guide the customers to more mindful shopping and a smarter wardrobe. A smart wardrobe is one of the ways to make everyday life more sustainable and spend less time and frustration on choice of clothes.

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