Lindex includes the customer’s wellbeing in its sustainability work

Lindex launches Sustainable Woman and includes the customer’s wellbeing in its sustainability goals. With 98 per cent female customers and as a major player in an industry that affects women, the fashion company now takes the next step to contribute to wellbeing and a sustainable everyday life.

The woman is everything to us at Lindex. As a major player in the fashion industry we can influence women’s everyday life through our fashion, communication and actions as a company. We want to take our responsibility and do what we can to be a positive force in our customers’ lives. We now take our sustainability work a step further and include the customer’s wellbeing in our sustainability goals, says Elisabeth Peregi, interim CEO at Lindex.

The woman has always been in focus at Lindex. For a long time, the fashion company has worked in different ways to improve and simplify the everyday lives of women, where dialogue with the customer has been essential. One example of this is when Lindex integrated plus sizes into all of their fashion concepts to make all women feel included. The change was made after requests from Lindex customers and has been much appreciated.

With Sustainable Woman Lindex raises the bar and is now starting the work of defining goals regarding the customer’s wellbeing. Lindex will involve its customers in the process, through interviews and open dialogue.

As part of the launch of Sustainable Woman Lindex releases a film that describes the stress and pressure that affects many women today and focus on the importance of a sustainable everyday life.

See the film and read more about Sustainable Woman here.

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