Holly & Whyte s/s 2014

The success of Lindex Holly & Whyte collection continues and the spring collection contains some modern classics, with Holly & Whyte’s special touch. News this spring is that many of the garments are made from organically grown cotton.

We have found our customer and she has found us! The collection contains ever popular classical garments such as navy blue club blazers, striped  tricot tops, feminine 50s style dresses and chinos. This spring, we have focused on manufacturing many of the garments in sustainable materials, says Nina Starck, Head of Design at Lindex.

Today Lindex is buying almost 9 million garments a year made of more sustainable materials, which includes not only organically grown cotton but also garments in less environmentally harmful materials such as recycled fibres of polyester, polyamide, cotton and wool, and Tencel®. The garments are tagged with a special “Sustainable Choice”  label both in stores and at www.lindex.com.

The aim is to continue increasing the number of garments made from less environmentally harmful materials, such as Lindex latest underwear collection for men, LXM, as well as the majority of the garments to Lindex’ youngest customers via “New Born” range, that are made of organically grown cotton. Many of the basic garments for both women and children are also “Sustainable Choice”.

The Holly & Whyte spring collection has a mixed colour scale with many wonderfully vibrant colours such as orange, fuchsia and neon pink together with the classics navy blue, cream and khaki. The pattern scheme is also mixed: striped and polka-dotted with a bit more daring large floral and playful fish themes.

“The collection is easily styled and this spring, focus will lie on waist and heels. High-waist trousers with tucked in tricot tops or three-quarter trousers with pretty details below,” says Nina Starck.For more and high-resolution images, please visit Lindex Newsroom.

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