Spring 2010

In time for the upcoming season, the design team at Lindex brings out three phenomena that are especially important to the fashion: a new manner of colour, denim as well as silhouettes and proportions.

Colour is one of the key concepts this spring. This is an entirely new colour sensation with a wide spectrum of pastels, soft and light colours as well as somewhat sharper or stronger nuances. Put a bit simply, it can also be summarised that this season’s most important colour families are blues, red tones such as orange, cerise, apricot and mandarin as well as the light skin tones. The neutrals, black, white and various nuances of grey-beige, are also as always a part of the spring colour palette.

This spring, your favourite jeans join company with a number of other denim garments. Denim is one of the favourite materials for spring. Jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts and leggings made of denim are seen side-by-side with the jeans. Light washes dominate, as well as worn effects, and treatments which give a “spotty”, sometimes makes a somewhat batik feeling seem especially new.

Play with volumes and cuts, everything in order to create a new and exciting look also continues in this spring’s fashion. The shoulders often stand out, built up in different ways, sometimes with shoulder pads or a natural silhouette with maybe a slip-down seam at the shoulder. Belts are often used to mark the waist, as well as down at the hips in order to achieve another silhouette. As well
, different varieties of asymmetrical cuts create
new shapes on the garments. There is still a lot of focus on narrow legs in combination with more volume upward. Layer-on-layer is a vital concept in the styling – long linen under short and wide tops to the narrow trousers or leggings



Strong colours are combined with black and white as well as light denim. Large printed patterns and details such as studs and zips – together, this all creates an urban, updated 80’s look.

Inspiration of vintage and nostalgia is apparent in the femininely romantic portion of this spring’s fashion. Beautiful flowers in patterns, lace, embroidered details and small frills reinforce the feminine feeling in the collections.

The ethnic influences in this spring’s fashion display a fine mix where India and Africa meet. This is expressed both in the patterns as well as the colours. Batik and other patterns with an ikat or ornamental feeling in hot red nuances such as cerise, violent, orange or deep ocean-blue toners which stand out in tunics or dresses.

The 80’s also inspires a modern cargo style with a superior luxurious feeling. For exciting safaris in the urban jungle: trousers and shorts with cargo influences, long tops in thin tricot which hang beautifully under cool, short jackets. Khaki tones are matched with turquoise and are accented with yellow.

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