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Lindex recalls soother holder

We have been informed that the soother holder from Esska disagree quality measures. The spring in the soother holder clip may under certain circumstances come loose from its mounting, which can make the parts a choking hazard for young children.

The soother holders have been recalled on request by the manufacturer Esska for precautionary reasons.The recall is intended Esska model, Lindex’s part number 7163714.

We encourage all customers who have purchased Lindex soother holder to return the product in the nearest Lindex store for a full refund. For information about other Esska soother holder, read more on Esskas website.

We regret that the soother holder wrongly passed Lindex safety and quality controls. Our products go through extensive checks to meet our safety requirements.

For any customers questions, please contact the Lindex customer service e-mail: customerservice@lindex.com or phone: +44 (0)20 300 500 09

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