Lindex Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2007

Lindex CSR mission What Lindex does today takes place with the future firmly in focus. Not only do we assume responsibility for our products, we also employ long-term sustainability initiatives to ensure

Lindex CSR mission

What Lindex does today takes place with the future firmly in focus. Not only do we assume responsibility for our products, we also employ long-term sustainability initiatives to ensure good working conditions, a sustainable environment, good business ethics and observance of human rights.

Statement by the CEO

The Lindex business concept is to offer inspiring, affordable fashion. A sustainable view of the whole of our business is fundamental if we are to achieve this. Acting today bearing tomorrow in mind is one of the company’s basic values. I know that as one of the leading fashion chains in Europe we can contribute making a sustainable, positive impact on human beings throughout the world and to contribute to the reduction in environmental impact.

Lindex’s new values – We inspire our customers, we believe in sustainability, we have a winner attitude, we are profit driven and we are passionate and committed – provide a set of values for our employees throughout the world. These values function as guidance in all our decisions, both group strategic decisions and decisions regarding our day-to-day behaviour and thus also in our sustainability work. Together with the ten principles laid down in the UN corporate initiative Global Compact, to which Lindex is affiliated, the BSCI Code of Conduct and our own policies, our values describe our approach as a responsible enterprise.

The effects of our work were clearly noticeable during the past year. What I am particularly satisfied with is the fact that we have succeeded in reducing the proportion of air transport from five to three per cent. Air transport is Lindex’s greatest source of environmental loading and we will continue to work to reduce emissions that result from our transport operations.

During the year we expanded our sustainability work with our suppliers in Asia. We can see an improvement in the working environment and reduced violations of human rights at the suppliers. But it is important to remember that this work is long-term and more is required before we can be satisfied with the working conditions in many of the countries where we have manufacturing operations.

By finding new ways to in a sustainable way offer a world-class fashion experience, we are endeavouring to become a company that is respected and believed in by customers, employees and other external parties. To achieve this, the commitment of our employees is vital and I would like to extend my warm thanks to all our employees who make a difference every day.

I believe that an important step towards meeting our challenges is to talk about them. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Report and ongoing communication we are dedicated to preserving an open dialogue with our customers and other interested parties.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our development within the sustainability field.

Gothenburg, May 2008

Göran Bille, CEO


Lindex has for several years worked to bring about sustainable development under the heading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Lindex CSR covers the company’s working environment programme, environmental programme, ethical issues and position on human rights. CSR work is an integral part of Lindex operations and is incorporated into the day-to-day work of the company.

A great deal has happened since Lindex introduced a ban on child labour in 1993. Producing fashion is a complex process and Lindex must ensure that it takes place in a manner that is both good and acceptable to all concerned. The company knows that it is possible to produce fashion under good social conditions although doing so requires long-term co-operation with suppliers to improve working conditions.

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