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Concerning the accident at Multifabs Ltd factory in Bangladesh

Yesterday one of our most important supplier, Multifabs Limited, in Bangladesh suffered a terrible accident in one of their factories. The factory was closed for production, due to holiday, at the time of the explosion but one part was open due to maintenance work of the boiler and this is where the accident happened. According to current information ten people were killed during the accident and many are injured. The injured are being taken care of at different hospitals and affected families are getting help from local government and Multifabs Ltd.

Of course we take this accident very seriously but now our main concern is with those suffering from the accident. Our deepest sympathies and condolences goes to the affected families. We have been cooperating with Multifabs Ltd for many years and we will work together and support them in any way we can.

As part of our health and safety work, we signed the Bangladesh Accord in 2013. Since then we have seen a significant improvement in this area. Multifabs factory was audited by BSCI in May 2016 with grade Good (B), and no significant deviations from BSCI guidelines were found.

So far it looks like it is a terrible accident that occurred on July 3. We are currently monitoring the situation, our local Lindex employees are at the factory together with the Bangladesh Accord to assist and find out what has happened.

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