Working for a responsible production with good working conditions is a very important part of our sustainability work at Lindex and since 2018 we are a part of The Global Deal.

The Global Deal is a partnership for increased equality and an economic development that benefits workers as well as companies and communities. The initiative aims to enhance social dialogue and through well-functioning relationships on the global labour market address its challenges. Social dialogue includes all types of negotiations and dialogues between governments, employers and workers on economic and social issues of common interest. Enhancing social dialogue can contribute to decent work, quality jobs and increased productivity which will lead to increased equality and a more inclusive economic growth. The Global Deal was launched by the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in cooperation with OECD and ILO in 2016.

Lindex joined the Global Deal in October 2018 and we will make commitments in line with our sustainability ambition. One example of ongoing initiatives that will support the Global Deal is WE Women by Lindex – a project where we take action for gender equality in the supply chain and work to create more equal and inclusive workplaces.