Clean Cargo

At Lindex we are committed to taking climate action throughout our business. The transports of our products stand for a relevant share of our total carbon footprint and we are part of Clean Cargo, a network to reduce the negative environmental impact of sea freight.

Even though sea freight is a much better option than for example air freight, it still has a significant impact. At Lindex we are members of Clean Cargo, a network of global actors with the shared aim of reducing the environmental impacts of global goods transportation and promoting responsible shipping. With its members, Clean Cargo represents around 85 percent of the global container cargo capacity, making it the leading buyer-supplier forum for sustainability in the cargo shipping industry. 

The Clean Cargo Methodology registers shipping companies and their environmental impact. This provides us with environmental performance data and tools for the procurement of our sea freight, so we can use the most sustainable option.

Almost 90 per cent of all our goods are transported by boat.

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