One Bag Habit

In average, a plastic bag is only used for 30 minutes. Probably the same amount of time it takes to carry a purchase home from the store. With One Bag Habit, we want to create more sustainable habits together with our customers.

Bags are not nature’s best friend

Did you know it takes 400 years for nature to break down a plastic bag? During that time, it breaks down into tiny parts and becomes a harmful ingredient in the food chain for both animals and humans. All kind of bags have a negative impact on the environment. Even when made from renewable material such as paper and cotton, bags require a lot of energy to produce, transport and recycle. What we need is simply fewer bags that are used at more occasions. The best alternative is to bring a bag from home instead of buying a new one.


Reducing the consumption – increasing the awareness

One Bag Habit is a joint initiative by Lindex, KappAhl and H&M. The aim is to reduce the consumption of shopping bags and increase the awareness about bags negative impact on the environment. As a member in One Bag Habit companies commit to:

  • Charge for all shopping bags
  • Inform customers about shopping bags environmental impact and encourage a more sustainable bag consumption
  • Offer shopping bags that are recyclable and made of more sustainable materials
  • Donate the surplus from the sales of bags to causes that drive sustainable development
  • Annually report about the results

 If you do buy a bag from Lindex it is
made of 100 per cent recycled plastic.


Together we have created more sustainable habits

Since we launched One Bag Habit, the consumption of bags in our stores has decreased significantly. Only about 30 per cent of our customers choose to buy a bag nowadays. We are so proud of how we together with our customers have been able to create more sustainable habits. And we believe we can do even better!


Empowering women with our surplus

With our surplus we finance our joint project with WaterAid, where we increase access to clean water, sanitation and improved hygiene in Bangladesh. The project focuses on an area where many of the textile workers who produce clothes for Lindex live.

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