Möt några av deltagarna i HERhealth

Möt Reshma Khatun Asha, Munni Aktar och Muslima Khatun. Dessa tre kvinnor arbetar i textilproduktionen i Bangladesh och har deltagit i HERhealth.

Reshma Khatun Asha

As a peer educator we learn about so many health related issues. Between the way we used to live and the way we live now there is a big difference, and that change has come from being a peer educator. Before we became peer educators we did not eat properly and we would become sick. Now we have become conscious about our health. We eat properly, and overall we are leading healthy lives. And we can teach other people about many health related issues. We have influenced a lot of people in this way.

Munni Aktar

After becoming peer educators we are aware of the nutritional values of different food. We also learned about what to feed our children at different ages, which we did not know before. A woman both works and takes care of her household, so she needs nutritious food. Women workers should make their husbands realize that women also need nutritious food to have a healthy life.

Muslima Khatun

I think the peer education model works well. If any female workers face any health-related problems, they come to us for advice and they follow our instructions. Most of the female workers are now aware of health issues. And it’s not just the people inside our factory that we try to enlighten. Rather, we try to discuss these issues outside the factory as well. We talk to our neighbors and other women from our community. We always try to spread the knowledge that we gather from this training.

Photo © BSR