Lindex donates 114.000 EUR from International Women’s Day sales to HERhealth

On International Women’s Day Lindex highlighted female textile workers and HERhealth: an initiative that provides health education and training for female textile workers. Lindex donates 114.000 EUR of the sales from International Women’s Day to the initiative.

I am proud of our commitment to HERhealth and how we will be able to reach even more women with health education and training through this donation. Women are essential for our business and we will continue to support initiatives that work with strengthening women around the world says Ingvar Larsson, CEO at Lindex.

HERhealth is an initiative managed by BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) that provides health education and training for female textile workers. Lindex donation will be used for HERhealth projects in Bangladesh and Myanmar that will educate about 15.000 women. Each female textile worker has shown to share her knowledge from HERhealth with about four other women. With Lindex donation from International Women’s Day, the fashion company therefore estimates to reach about 60.000 women with knowledge about health. Read more about Lindex partnership with HERhealth here.

Photo © BSR

For more information, please contact:
Miriam Tjernström
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 60

For mer informasjon, kontakt:

Nina Haugen
Manager, Marketing & Merchandiser Norge  
Telefon:  22 47 84 17
Mobil: 99 51 43 53

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