Key & spokespersons

Susanne Ehnbåge
Johan Hallin
Director of New Business Development
Elisabeth Hedberg
Director of Design Purchasing & Production
Henrik Sörstedt
Director of Customer Experience
Annelie Forsberg
Director of Finance
Caroline Öhgren
Director of Sales
Johan Engen
Director of Logistics
Anna-Karin Dahlberg
Corporate Sustainability Manager
Annika Elfström
Director of IT
Sanna Lindgren
Director of Culture & Communications
Johan Isacson
Head of Franchise
Kristina Hermansson
Corporate Communications Manager
Pia Ekholm
Design & Buying Manager Women's wear
Madelene Ullbro
Design & Buying Manager Lingerie
Inger Lundqvist
Design & Buying Manager Kids wear
Helena Kamph
Sweden Country Manager
Camilla Pedersen
Norway Country Manager
Kirsi Rauhala
Finland and Baltics Country Manager
Lena Provén
UK Country Manager
Nina Mehl
Country Manager Central Europe

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