Textile Exchange

At Lindex we are constantly working to improve our processes and to make a sustainable difference in the fashion industry. Since 2008 Lindex is a member of Textile Exchange, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the textile value chain and work for minimizing the negative environmental impact of the global textile industry.

Textile Exchange was started in 2002 and work for sustainable practices in the textile value chain by:

• Information and education across the industry
• Advocate product and industry integrity
• Support positive innovations’ scalability
• Improve organic farmers’ visibility and access to stable markets
• Create partnerships across the industry

The organization works to secure the whole production chain for organic garments and Lindex uses the standards of Textile Exchange in production. That way, we can know for sure that e.g. organic cotton garments really are made from organic cotton.

Textile Exchange has a vision of a global textile industry that protects and restores the environment and enhances lives. This is a vision that goes hand in hand with Lindex sustainability ambition, where we want to make a sustainable difference together with our suppliers, partners and customers.