Sweden Textile Water Initiative – STWI

Textile production consumes large quantities of water, which makes the water issue critical for a sustainable fashion industry. Therefore Lindex is one of the founders of and active participants in the Sweden Textile Water Initiative – STWI. It is a joint project between textile and leather retail companies in Sweden together with Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) developing suppliers’ water use and water management in production.

The project is based on understanding and improving the impact on water in leather and textile production by developing guidelines and working methods for suppliers and producers. Since 2012 we have actively been implementing the guidelines in our supply chain.

Guidelines covering three areas

  • Water efficiency
  • Water pollution prevention
  • Wastewater

The purpose of water efficiency is to ensure that only the necessary amount of water is used in the factory, reducing the need for waste water treatment as well as energy and water costs. The areas of water pollution prevention and waste water aim to reduce negative health and environmental impacts from chemicals used in the production processes. It will also free up water resources and improve water quality for other water users.