Sustainable Water Resource Management – SWAR

The Indian textile industry is a great contributor to India’s economy and employs more than 35 million people. Since textile production consumes large quantities of water, water is a critical issue for a sustainable industry. Therefore, Lindex is working together with Indiska, Kappahl and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in the project Sustainable Water Resources Management (SWAR) for improving the resource management in textile suppliers’ production.

The project consists of workshops covering efficient energy supply, wastewater treatment and chemicals as well as training for the factory workers sustainable use of water, energy and chemicals. The project also develops recommendations for sustainable resource use for the suppliers.

Developing sustainable resource use

  • Right-First-Time chemical dyeing procedures
  • House-hold savings
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Effective waste water treatment
  • Reusing water after treatment
  • More efficient rinsing processes
  • Efficient boiler heating cycles
  • Improving water economising

In Delhi 2013, the project resulted in a reduced water consumption of 84.5 million liters. It reduced electricity use by 3.4 per cent, fuel by 4 per cent and chemicals by 14 per cent at supplier and sub-supplier levels.