Safe kids’ wear

Children crawl, climb, cling on, jump and explore the world without considering the risks or dangers, and kids’ wear should never represent a risk to the child. Therefore, we work actively to make our kids’ wear safe to use.

We have an established routine to ensure that snaps on garments for the smallest children are properly fastened and do not pose a risk of loosening. No sequins, stones or other small decorations are allowed to be glued onto the garments, and buttons must be sewn with special sewing machine thread on the smallest sizes. Moreover, the hoods on outerwear are always removable in order to minimise the risk of accidents.

In order to ensure that the standard is followed, a checklist is used during the whole process from the draft stage to the finished kids’ wear. The length of cords, placement of reflectors and design of hoods are regulated in the checklist.

No prohibited, toxic or allergenic chemicals are found in Lindex kids’ wear, as in all products. All of the suppliers are committed not to use any of the chemicals found on Lindex restriction list for chemicals. In order to further ensure that the suppliers are following the requirements, regular chemical controls of the products are carried out.