Reuse & recycle

Something old for you might be something new for someone else. So when you feel like you are done with your garments, make them available for reuse and recycle. Hand in your clothes to a charity, second hand shop or to us at Lindex.

Each year about 8 kg of textile per person are thrown in the household waste, just in Sweden. To meet the challenges of the future we need to be more resource efficient, and reusing and recycling textile is one way for us to save resources. Reusing means that products are collected, sold and reused. Recycling means that products are collected, its material is broken down and turned into material for new products.

Lindex collaborates with several organisations to contribute to an increase in textile reuse and recycle. We want to contribute to collection of textiles being done with the greatest possible consideration for the environment and close to the consumer in an easy way. We also want the reused and recycled textile to be taken care of in the best way so that the usage of recycled fibers can increase. Our long term ambition is to contribute to increased reusing and recycling on such a big scale that we in the long run can close the loop. That way material that has once been produced in order to become a garment can be used several times which uses less resources.

You can hand in textiles in any Lindex store in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Sweden Lindex collaborates with Myrorna, in Norway with Fretex and in Finland with Remeo.

How does handing in textiles work?

We accept all types of textiles regardless of where you have bought them initially. The textiles should be dry, clean and sealed in a plastic bag.

You hand in your textile to the staff at the cash desk. When you hand in at least 1 bag of textile, you will receive a discount of 50 SEK when you purchase other products for 300 SEK. The discount is valid for three months. You can hand in as much textile as you want, but receive only one discount offer per occasion. The offer cannot be combined with other discounts, used at or to buy gift cards.

What happens after handing in textiles?

Textiles that are handed in are sorted and will be either reused, or recycled where they become parts in new products such as cloths for the industry or isolation material. Only approximately 2 per cent cannot be reused or recycled and is instead incinerated.