Lindex Recycled PolyesterSource: Textile Exchange

Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester is a material that has been recycled from used materials. The most common source of raw materials for recycled polyester is old PET bottles and raw material waste from manufacturing industry.

We use recycled polyester in items such as tights, bras, panties and tops.

Why recycled polyester is a good choice

  • Save raw material
  • Less chemicals used
  • Less energy and water used

Different types of recycled polyester

Polylana® is a brand name for a composed fiber. Today Polylana® is made from; 40 per cent recycled polyester, 30 per cent virgin polyester and 30 per cent other fiber. Polylana is in the development phase. Right now they can only achieve 40 per cent sustainable fiber to able to have the right hand feel and quality. Lindex is following the Polylana team and are in close contact to achieve our sustainable limits (50 per cent). But until we do; Polylana® is the best more sustainable alternative for acrylic yarn, to be used as a synthetic substitute for heavy knitted products to be found.