Quality tests

Quality tests

We take full responsibility for the products that are sold in our stores. All of the products must be safe, have a good quality and not contain any dangerous chemicals, and they must have been produced with consideration to people and the environment, and with regard to animal welfare.

Quality tests

Quality has always been important to us and takes center stage when we create our fashion. All of our suppliers sign agreements based on statutory requirements and recommendations in the countries where we have stores. Lindex always applies the strictest requirements in all countries, even if the requirements in our own country are less strict. A number of different tests are carried out in order to ensure the quality of the garments. The tests are both carried out throughout the production process and on the finished product.

Each year we conduct thousands of quality, chemical and safety tests at own testing facilities as well as at external independent laboratories.

Examples of tests that are carried out:

Wash test

The wash test ensures that the garment meets Lindex quality requirements relating to shrinkage and wringing and that the colour stays after washing.

Dry colour transfer test

Lindex carries out dry colour transfer tests on all garments that are produced. Dark denim garments carry a warning label on the risk of dry colour transfer, as dark denim can leave a mark on light furniture and clothing if the material contains a lot of dye.

Pilling test

Certain fabrics have a tendency to accumulate pilling. Loose fibre ends build up to form pills on the outside of the fabric. These fabrics are tested to ensure that they meet Lindex requirements.

Nickel test

Buttons, zippers, jewellery and other metal details are tested for nickel. We comply with the limits determined by the EU.

Fire test

Lindex has committed itself to following the requirements that apply to fire safety. Materials that are considered hazardous is tested to ensure that it complies with applicable legislation and recommendations.

Chemicals and pH tests

For several years we have had a restriction list of chemicals that are not allowed at all in the production of our garments, because they present health or environmental hazards. The chemicals listed on Lindex restriction list are not permitted for use in our production, and are not to be found in the finished product. Regular controls are carried out to ensure that the suppliers comply with the requirements relating to chemicals and pH values.

Sun, salt and chlorine test

All Lindex beachwear is tested to determine whether the colour changes or fades when it is exposed to sunlight, salt water and chlorine.