Ola Wahlström – Country Business Controlling Manager

How did you start at Lindex and how have you grown within the Company so far?

-My first contact with Lindex was as a Management Consultant. It was the first time I got the opportunity to work in fashion retail, my background is within large global industrial companies, and I immediately got hooked with the fast pace and the closeness to the end consumer. Lindex as a company made a big impact on me, the great colleagues, positive working climate and potential to have an impact. So with that in mind I set a goal for myself to make sure to start working for Lindex when the right opportunity arose.

-It took two years of different projects within Lindex before I took the role as Project Manager for the Concept & Marketing department. I was working with organizational development as well as the Omni-channel area, developing how the marketing department could adapt to growing demands from a geographical expansion as well as an ever growing number of digital channels to communicate through. Two years later I got the role as Group Business Controlling Manager. For me this was a very exciting and challenging role combining both financials, group strategy, and change management (developing and implementing a long term financial roadmap). At the moment I have just moved to Lindex largest sales market, Sweden, as responsible for the Business controlling group. This is a great opportunity to really understand the sales process, our customers and enabling our organization to act on our developed insights.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?

Within my group we work continuously with the analysis of the sales on store, budget, strategy, reporting, allocation models etc., which are all ways off contributing to understand what drives better sales. There are two things that I think stand out: 1. Working and making my team grow, which is a privilege with my fantastic co-workers. 2. Having strategic discussions for the company one minute and the next jumping down in analysis with my team to analyze and find answers.

What are the biggest challenges?

-For my role/group, it’s a combination of factors; where time is a limiting factor that defines the level of the work that can be achieved, as well as how fast things change in the industry and the ability to adapt with it. This is however also what makes it fun!

What is the best thing working at Lindex?

-Working with fantastic people with great company values and great ambition. It creates a very inspiring working climate!