The fabrics used in our products play a big role when it comes to the look, feel, quality and fit of our garments. Producing fibres and materials requires a lot of resources such as water, energy and chemicals, which all can have a major effect on people and the environment.

To minimise the impact of our products, we constantly work to increase our use of more sustainable materials. Our definition of a more sustainable fibre is one that comes from renewable or recyclable sources and is produced with cultivation or production methods that have less negative impact on people and the environment in comparison with conventional options.

  • Our goal is that 80 per cent or our garments will be made from more sustainable materials by 2020. Today we have reached over 50 per cent.
  • Our goal is that 100 per cent of our cotton will come from more sustainable sources (Better cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton) by 2020. Today we have reached 95 per cent.
  • Lindex is one of the top ten users of organic cotton worldwide. Today 64 percent of our cotton is organic and 100 per cent of our newborn assortment is made from organic cotton.

More sustainable kids’ wear

We have come extra far with our kids’ assortment when it comes to sustainability, where 80 per cent of the garments are made from more sustainable materials. Not only does 98 per cent of the cotton in the kids’ assortment come from more sustainable sources, more than 70 per cent of the cotton is organic and over 50 per cent of the cotton garments are GOTS certified. You can read more about organic cotton and GOTS here.