The fabrics used in our products play a big role when it comes to the look, feel, quality and fit of our garments. Producing fibres and materials requires a lot of resources such as water, energy and chemicals, which all can have a big effect on people and the environment. To minimize the impact our products have, we constantly work to increase our use of more sustainable materials. A more sustainable material is grown and produced in a way that is better for the people who work with it and for the environment and the raw material must come from renewable or recycled sources.

  • Our goal is that 80% or our garments will be made from more sustainable materials by 2020.
  • Today more than 50% of our garments are made from more sustainable materials.
  • Our goal is that 100% of our cotton will come from more sustainable sources by 2020.
  • Today 95% of our cotton comes from more sustainable sources: Better cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton.