Lyocell is a natural fibre made from pulp of fast growing trees such as the eucalyptus tree. The pulp is processed into yarn and used to make a soft and absorbent fabric.

The production of the lyocell fibre has a reduced environmental impact and consumes less water, energy and chemicals. The fibre is made from trees such as the eucalyptus tree which grows rapidly without artificial irrigation, genetic modification or synthetic pesticides. The wood pulp is processed with nontoxic organic chemicals in a closed loop that reuses 99.5 per cent of all process chemicals.

Lyocell can be used as a better alternative to viscose. We are committed to CanopyStyle to protect forests and the commitment includes using better and more sustainable options to viscose. Our usage of lyocell is one part of our commitment to CanopyStyle and Lindex is one of the top five users of lyocell worldwide. You can read more about CanopyStyle here.

Two types of lyocell

  • Birla Excel® is the brand name for lyocell made by Birla
  • Tencel® is the brand name for lyocell made by Lenzing