Lindex in the 21st century

Lindex in the 21st century

Lindex launches a major effort to develop the Lindex concept. Fashion in Sweden was strongly influenced by fashion model Emma Wiklund’s Fashion Report in the new millennium. Lindex looks east and starts its expansion in Central Europe, opening stores in the Baltic States as well as the Czech Republic.

The Finnish listed company Stockmann becomes the new owner of Lindex in 2007 and with their help the Russian market opens up for Lindex, which opens its first store in St Petersburg in 2008. In addition, Lindex starts franchising operations in the Middle East.

In 2007, Lindex Shop Online was launched in Sweden, which allows Lindex customers to also purchase Lindex fashion on the internet. Shop Online was launched in Denmark two years later.

In autumn 2009, Lindex was recognized as “Fashion Chain of the Year” and “Best Design Concept of the Year” at a Swedish fashion gala.

For the seventh year in a row, Lindex is the main partner in the Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign, and Emma Wiklund is designing the “Pink Collection by Emma Wiklund”. L

Later on in the autumn, Ewa Larsson will become the first external designer to design her own collection for Lindex – “Affordable Luxury”.

The expansion in 2009 focused eastwards, with Lindex opening its first stores in Slovakia and in the Russian capital, Moscow. At the same time, Lindex now has ten stores on a franchise basis in Saudi Arabia.