Johan Edling – Enterprise IT Architect

Can you tell us about your role at Lindex?
I started in 2013, in the position that I currently have. As an IT architect, I’m currently involved in most changes within Lindex IT systems landscape. Fundamentally it comes down to that we need to secure the functionality required by the various departments, while at the same time make sure the solutions are sustainable during the coming years.

What projects are you a part of today?
I am working with many exciting projects regarding modernising our digital presence. For example, we are rebuilding our web site, replacing the commerce engine, finding new ways of interacting with our customer though the continued development of our app and finding new ways of working with personalised direct marketing.

What are the biggest challenges for Lindex today?
When it comes to challenges for us, and probably any company within retail, I would say it is to get verification of new ideas. At Lindex, IT and business jointly works towards an agile way of working, with focus on smaller deployments. Combining this with a DevOps oriented setup will lead to a more productive but also more satisfying way of working.

What are the best things about working at Lindex?
I work at Lindex because I am challenged to be creative, to adapt and balance long term goals with short term changes plans.