Jessica Grahn – Designer

How did you start at Lindex and how have you grown within the company so far?
The first step of my journey at Lindex was as a trainee in the Women’s department. That was one day a week, after which I was given a chance to start work in our Children’s department. In the Children’s department I worked both as an assistant for ’Girls’ size 128-170’ and as a designer of children’s accessories.

After a year and a half in the Children’s department I was given the opportunity to go back to designing women’s clothing. In the Women’s department I have worked as an assistant for woven products and with outerwear. I have also designed accessories and a complete accessory collection, which was really fun and something I will never forget. In my role as a designer, the focus today is on quality, colour, form and silhouette. Among other things, I design for Extended, which is an unbelievably satisfying challenge. What I love about Lindex is that we get the opportunity to try a lot of different things and to develop as we as a company grow.

What are the most inspiring areas of responsibility or tasks you have in your role?
One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is that I always have to be on my toes and stay in the forefront with the latest trends. That can mean fantastic inspiration trips where we go to trade events and galleries, or people watching in, for example, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Seoul. My other favourite is of course our production trips, and the chance to cooperate with our suppliers and share their knowledge. When we create products right there and then on location at the factories I think that’s really cool!

What are the biggest challenges?
When you love your job and always have a lot on your plate, and at the same time want to develop as a person and improve Lindex, it’s finding the time that’s the biggest challenge!

What do you like best about working at Lindex?
I have worked in a lot of different departments and can say that the best thing about working at Lindex wherever you are or whatever your role, you can be sure to be surrounded by the world’s best colleagues.