Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS

At Lindex, we seek constant improvement in our production and the choice of materials. Many of our organic cotton garments are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It is a standard that ensures the organic status of textiles and includes social requirements throughout the whole supply chain.

GOTS was developed through collaboration by leading standard setters and introduced in 2006. It aims to defining requirements that are recognized world-wide for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and includes the whole production process; from cultivation to weaving and dying.

Some of the criteria for GOTS:
– A textile product carrying the GOTS label must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres. Regarding GOTS label grade ‘organic’, the product must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.
– All chemical inputs used, such as dyestuffs and process components, must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria in the standard.
– Wet processing units must keep full records of the use of chemicals, energy, water consumption and waste water treatment, including the disposal of sludge.
– Packaging material must not contain PVC. Paper or cardboard used in packaging material, hang tags etc. must be recycled or certified according to FSC or PEFC
– Minimum social criteria in the standard based on the key norms of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) must be met by all processors and manufacturers.

Garments that are certified by GOTS are labeled with the GOTS symbol on the hang tag. Cotton with GOTS certification can be traced down to the farm where it has been cultured. With the labelling, the customer is provided with credible assurance that the organic garment really is organic and that it has been responsible produced.

Due to Facebook post October 5th

October 5th 2016 one of our customers posted on Lindex Facebook and informed that she had received information that Lindex added prints and details after a garment had been labeled with GOTS, and that these adjustments was not necessarly made according to GOTS standard. This information is inaccurate, GOTS certification includes the whole production chain. Lindex garments labeled with GOTS follow the criterias from cultivation to finished product, which also includes any prints and details. Lindex values that a garment is produced in a responsible way throughout the whole chain and the GOTS certification exists to provide credible assurance of it.