Sophie Ready – Digital Partnership Manager

How did you start at Lindex and how did you grow within the company so far?
I applied for the role as Digital Partnership Manager after seeing it advertised on the Lindex site. I was first introduced to the brand whilst living in London, when I then moved to Gothenburg with my fiancé I was delighted to find out that Lindex was based here. I couldn’t believe my luck when a position that required my skills was advertised. I have only been with Lindex for a few months so far but feel that I have started to set the foundations for the Digital Partnerships role and supporting further digital expansion at Lindex.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities and tasks you have in your current role?
We’re at a very thrilling point in the Lindex journey where we are looking to cooperate with third party retailers.  One of the most exciting tasks that I have is finding and approaching new partners. I have a passion for product and get a real thrill when I see a partnership go live.

What are the biggest challenges?
One of the biggest challenges we’re currently facing is moving old systems into new ways of working. Lindex is a store focused brand and moving forward we need to become more flexible in order to be able to grow in the digital realm. I am currently working with many different departments at Lindex to be able to get the best results possible, this is one of the biggest challenges but it is also one of the most enjoyable. It is interesting working with so many colleagues and utilising their expert knowledge in their field to achieve the best results for the company.

What is the best thing about working at Lindex?
I really love the friendly atmosphere here. Everyone has been extremely accommodating to me. I was concerned that moving from another country and not speaking the local language would be a problem but it really has not been. The whole company has been extremely welcoming and interested to hear about my experiences and open to different ways of working.