Our denim journey

At Lindex we seek constant improvement and it is important for us to keep people and environment in mind when we produce our fashion. In 2014 we began our denim journey that resulted in Better Denim and Even Better Denim.

The water issue is very important to Lindex and a big part of our long-term sustainability commitment to making 80 per cent of our clothes through sustainable processes by 2020. Read more about our water work here. As denim production is one of the most water intense textile processes due to intensive washings, denim is a central part in our journey towards more sustainable production processes.

In 2014, together with our suppliers we started out with screening our denim production to grade the environmental impact of our denim styles. The screening process was supported with expertise from Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia and the Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) Software. Through the EIM Software, the production is scored as low, medium or high in environmental impact and it is a tool that helps producers control water, energy and chemical consumption in production.

Once we had screened our denim production, we started tweaking all parts of the processes to make it more sustainable. Washing recipes were optimised, some washings such as extra rinses were dropped and other washes were combined. Together these changes gave significant results – in the production of our first Better Denim styles water consumption was reduced with up to 45 per cent and energy usage with up to 27 per cent. Less water usage also resulted in lower usage of chemicals.

After our first more sustainable denim styles were launched in 2015, we implemented the changes in our entire denim assortment. This means that all of our denim styles are Better Denim since 2016 and today, 2018, they are more sustainable than ever. Read more about what it means that a style is Better Denim here.

However, our journey towards more sustainable denim has only begun. We continue to seek improvement and new solutions for our whole denim assortment and it all starts with our ‘Even Better Denim’ styles. Read more about ‘Even Better Denim’ here.