Code of Conduct

For us, it is important that manufacturing workers have a good working environment. We do not own our factories but we set requirements that all of our suppliers has to follow through our code of conduct.

We have had a code of conduct since 1997 and been a member of Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) from the start since 2004. By using the BSCI code of conduct, we work to ensure that our suppliers offers a safe and secure working environment with respect for labor law and human rights.

We work actively to ensure that our suppliers follow our code of conduct with inspections and follow-ups performed both by Lindex and third parties. We also work with continuous dialogue, education and coaching with the goal that our suppliers will work independently to improve the worker’s condition.

In cooperation with our suppliers, we strive to achieve long-term and sustainable improvements. If we discover that a supplier does not follow our code of conduct, we agree upon measures and improvement that are required. If the supplier does not carry out the agreement despite our efforts, we place the supplier on a stop list and no more orders will be placed there until the agreed upon measures and improvements are completed.

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