Cleaner dyeing process

Almost 90 per cent of our Better Denim assortment is dyed with the cleanest indigo dye on the market which is better for the environment and the workers.

We work on reducing the environmental footprint in all parts of our denim production, from fibre to finished product. In 2016 we made a lot of progress in the dyeing process, which stands for a major part of the impact for both workers and the environment. By the beginning of 2017, 90 per cent of our Better Denim assortment was dyed using DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution.

DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution is more resource efficient since it uses less water, energy and chemicals. It has better fixation which means there is less need for additional chemicals. Working with this solution reduces the hydrosulphite usage by 60-70 per cent and the process is cleaner with less waste water and discharge. The process with DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution occurs in a closed system which significantly reduces the workers contact with chemicals and since the indigo dye is liquid all dust in production is eliminated.