Clean Shipping Network

When Lindex products is transported from production to stores, 86 per cent is transported by sea freight. Sea freight has the potential to work as a transportation with low environmental impact. Lindex is a part of the Clean Shipping Network, a network where global actors in sea freight procurement come together with a shared aim: minimising the negative environmental impact of shipping.

The Clean Shipping Network is a non-profit organisation which Lindex has been a part of since 2008 and we have a representative from Lindex as a member of the board. The network uses the Clean Shipping Index, a tool that registers different shipping companies and their environmental impact. The index offers environmental ranking for ships and entire carriers based on their performances in five different areas:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Sulphur dioxide and particulates
  • Chemical products and fuel
  • Water and waste control

With the Clean Shipping Index it is possible for Lindex, as a buyer of transportation, to make fact-based decisions out of consideration for the environment. Most of our goods are transported by sea freight and by being a part of the Clean Shipping Network we can act to create a sustainable difference.