Christian Renlund – Business Process Responsible for Analytics

Tell us about your role at Lindex!
As Business Process Responsible for Analytics I keep track of all the analytics development initiatives that arise from different business areas. It’s my responsibility to involve the IT resources that is needed to implement the ideas and to make sure a proper prioritisation is made when multiple initiatives is calling for our attention. I’m also expected to keep myself up to date with what’s globally trending within analytics.

What projects are you a part of today?
Within the analytics area we have a lot going on. We see a constantly increasing number of disperse data sources and data streams that we need to tap into and we are currently working on creating a sustainable and scalable platform to store and process all that data. The backbone in everything we do is to make the right data available for those who need it, through tools they know and understand, with a supportive community behind them. The fashion industry, or the whole retail industry for that matter, are in the middle of a great digitalisation journey and we are working on multiple initiatives to sharpen our digital presence and offering – so this is definitely the right time to work within IT in retail!

What innovative solutions do you think Lindex will work with in three years?
Real-time processing of streaming data from an increasing number of both customer devices and new, more digital, store concepts will be key. The work we do with our platform now will strengthen our ability for, and adoption of, machine learning and automated analytics. The need to understand our customer and create exciting and personal customer experiences will be the drivers who spark constant development within our area.

Top three reasons for why you work at Lindex?
1. What you do matters! What I and our analytics development team do here has true impact on and value for the company. At Lindex you live with the decisions and solutions you implement and get a first-hand view of the effects it has for the end users – who you will share your lunchbreak together with on a daily basis. Working that close to the business also enables you to work long term.
2. You have great opportunities to influence how Lindex work. Everything from which techniques, systems and applications we use to how to organise the work within the team. You work close to your management and my experience is that they are good people persons who care about you and your opinions.
3. There is always something going on at Lindex! We are constantly improving our processes for handling development in a focused and prioritised manner. There is a steady stream of ideas and initiatives that keeps challenging you and brings an inspiring variation to your desk.