Caroline Öhgren – Country Manager Central Europe

How did you start at Lindex and how have you grown within the company so far?
My career at Lindex started out in one of the stores, which then led to the Store Manager trainee programme. After a couple of years in the Store Manager role, I worked for another two years as a Project Manager in Germany, and then became Regional Manager in Norway. After 10 fantastic years in Norway I applied for the position as Country Manager Central Europe, and here I am today!

What are the most inspiring areas of responsibility or tasks you have in your role?
My role involves major challenges with substantial potential. It’s so inspiring to be able to work with new markets and contribute to expanding the Lindex brand in Central Europe. Working together with a committed team to get results and achieve success.

What are the biggest challenges?
The challenge is to generate growth in our markets, to create profitability and to keep moving forwards. We need to get even better and make the right decisions for our business every day, while continuously developing. One of our primary targets is to raise the awareness of our fantastic brand and fashions here in Central Europe.

What do you like best about working at Lindex?
Lindex is a company that puts its faith in its people. We have a brilliant company culture and no end of competent and passionate employees. Lindex is constantly developing and changing, and to be a part of Lindex journey in fashion, and to be able to influence, experience and learn from it is unbelievably rewarding. ’Fashion is fun’!