Better Jersey

We have taken our more sustainable kids’ basic assortment one step further by introducing Better Jersey, basic garments dyed in a more sustainable process.

Better Jersey is made from organic cotton and is GOTS certified. GOTS is a standard that includes social and environmental requirements for all production stages, from fibre to finished product. Read more about GOTS here.

Better Jersey is dyed using Avitera, a more resource efficient dyeing process that uses up to 30 per cent less water. When using Avitera more than 90 per cent of the dye is fixated, a higher fixation rate than with conventional dyes which has many advantages. When the fixation rate is higher, less dye is required and less water is needed to rinse out residues. A high fixation rate also means lower energy consumption and a cleaner process with less waste water and emissions.

In April 2017 we introduced the first Better Jersey garments in our stores; 32 garments within our kids’ basic assortment.

Why is not the entire kids’ basic assortment dyed in this more sustainable process?

There are limitations in the dyeing process today and it is only applicable on single colour garments in certain colours. However, we work continuously with including more variants onwards.

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